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Sample Digital Building Projects

It begins with Lighting...
Marriott Sinclair Hotel, Ft. Worth, TX

The Marriott Sinclair Hotel is a Marriott Autograph (boutique luxury) property whose grand opening celebration was held January 23rd, 2020. This Art Deco  building which was built in the 1920's is listed in the National Register of Historic Buildings. It was originally used as an office building for Sinclair Oil and leased to a variety of tenants before a historic remodeling to convert in into a high-technology luxury hotel.

This building deploys a variety of POE Digital Building infrastructure devices: all lighting (interior and exterior), motorized shading and curtains, minibars, TV's embedded in bathroom vanities, bluetooth presence sensors, physical security camera's, access points, USB chargers at the bars, and some door locks. The network infrastructure is distributed and powered with Digital Electricity (DC power), and the building utilizes an LG UL-924 Li-Ion Energy Storage System that replaced the generator for life safety systems, the first of its kind in the US.

Davidson High School, Mobile, AL

Davidson High School has turned to POE Infrastructure to help maintain school security. They have deployed a mass notification system that integrates colored lighting (visual representation of alert categories), with classroom AV Controllers, VoIP Telephony, door locks, cell phones, and even the local police. 


The Edge, Amsterdam

One of the first publicly disclosed POE Lighting installations in the world.


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